Am I Tracking My Hormones or Are My Hormone Apps Tracking Me?

Am I Tracking My Hormones or Are My Hormone Apps Tracking Me?

I don’t remember the first time I became aware of hormones, but I remember the first time some boy in my sixth-grade class responded to a small outburst of frustration from me with an indignant What, are you on your period? I stood in silence, letting my cheeks burn red and armpits gather with sweat. I didn’t know. I could have been. At 12 I didn’t know enough about my cycle to know if I was on my period in the way he meant it or not. With my apps, I could guard myself from the insult by preventing the outburst in the first place. If I could preempt the swing, then I could lessen it, deny it, suppress it.

Bad Feminist Black Friday

Here at 2GIRLS1COVEN, we know that late capitalism is in direct opposition to feminist goals, but damnit if we don’t love a good deal. So we are rounding up some of our favorite Black Friday sales because we know you’re not trying to stay post turkey nap at the Thanksgiving family function. 


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