2GIRLS1COVEN is a support group for people who struggle with pop culture addiction. Through images, words, and IRL salons, we swap stories about getting high, chicken nugget flavor profiles, meditative bubble baths, fuckboi shenanigans, Mean Girls trivia, existential crises, apartment envy and more.

Allison Theresa & Beatriz Kaye are 2GIRLS1COVEN. Brought together through the black magic of an internet roommate search, A+B find that their lives are better lived together. They’re obsessed with all things culture (think less high brow and more just… high) and want to know your sun, moon and rising signs. (A-Aries-Libra-Aries, B-Leo-Taurus-Leo). Allison + Beatriz’s post bong rip fever dream is to create a space where everyone can share a story, a blunt, and a hot take.


Allison & Beatriz are either plating a Pioneer Woman recipe or inhaling Top Ramen from the stove. There is no in-between. We love a homemade pesto made with mortar and pestle and the 12 nugget deal from Krazy Chicken and Pizza. The art of munchie curation is sacred under this roof, and we don’t trust you if your stoned stack of choice doesn’t include either an entire can of Pringles or a charcuterie board with sesame seed crackers and chili-infused honey. We smoke too much to fuck with food that isn’t supremely satisfying. We watch too much British Bake Off to resist trying to make our own choux pastry.


2 GIRLS 1 COVEN are suckers for a fluffy robe and active charcoal bath salts, but we were paying attention when Audre Lorde said, “Caring for myself is not self-indulgence, it is self-preservation and that is an act of political warfare.” We see self-care as a function of self-love, a vital form of self-defense against a world that wants you to hate yourself for being female, non-binary, non-white, human. Self-care shouldn’t be a capitalist luxury and we’re on the hunt for resources that make it more accessible to all.


Look, we know The Bachelor is scripted and that the Kardashians live in an alternate time/space vortex somewhere in California. But we also know that some of the greatest performances of our time are on Bachelor in Paradise and that the Kardashian klan are the best example of family we’ve got. We believe that the way we interact with celebrities says a lot about who we are and who we want to be. Count on 2 GIRLS 1 COVEN to listen to your take on Lawressa (Lawrence/Issa) and help you put together that TED talk on the Avril/Melissa conspiracy. Pop culture doesn’t have to be serious for us to take it seriously.


Sticky icky, kush, devils lettuce, mary jane. Keep your artisanal, goop bullshit. We’ll take that Blue Dream in a baggie please. Critical of the ways bud culture is going from dangerous vice to luxury staple, these two stoners know that getting high can be self-care and that weed is for all. Well-versed in rolling joints and diy smoking blends, 2 GIRLS 1 COVEN are looking for tips on CBD, stories about your stoner revelations, and ASMR videos.


2 GIRLS 1 COVEN is a concept born and raised in Brooklyn, but its creators weren’t. We acknowledge that we are guests in this neighborhood that we’re lucky enough to call our home, and finding & sharing ways to understand how we can be better members of our community. We say hi to our neighbors, pay attention to ways this wave of displacement is like other moments in history, and (yeah) frequent the vegan coffee shop.


We just wanna be the lube for great conversations. Starting in 2019, 2 GIRLS 1 COVEN will be hosting IRL salons and dinner parties to gather like-minded folx around food and weed. Allison and Beatriz are here to listen to how your birth chart did you dirty, rewind that Bachelorette footage so you can take a video for your insta story and bedazzle your household items. Sign up for our newsletter to find out when our first party is going to be!