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The world is a dumpster fire but at least we have something to spark this joint.

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2 GIRLS 1 COVEN is a support group for people who struggle with pop culture addiction. Through images, words, and IRL salons, we swap stories about getting high, chicken nugget flavor profiles, meditative bubble baths, fuckboi shenanegans, Mean Girls trivia, existential crises, apartment envy, and more.


Allison and Beatriz are

2 girls 1 coven

Brought together through the black magic of an internet roommate search, A and B find that their lives are better lived together. They’re obsessed with all things culture (think less high brow and more just..high) and want to know your sun, moon, and rising signs. (A-Aries-Libra-Aries, B-Leo-Taurus-Leo). Allison and Beatriz’s post-bong rip fever dream is to create a space where everyone can share a space, a blunt, and a hot take.